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Valley Community Housing Corporation is excited about the First Time Home Buyer Program. For more information you may stop by the the Chambersburg office, or call. Information about finding out if you are eligible for the program, how to go about speaking with a lender about

FCHA has an On-Line Application Annex located in the lobby of the Chambersburg and Waynesboro Office. Effective April 1, 2013, all applications must be submitted through our on-line process center.

Applications for Public and Tax Credit Housing can be found on-line at our On-Line Application Annex located in the lobby at 436 West Washington Street, Chambersburg, PA, and 202 Elder Ave. Waynesboro, PA.

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Celebrating Over 60 Years of Service to Franklin County since 1951

The Franklin County Housing Authority has dedicated over 60 years of service to meeting our mission of providing affordable, decent, safe housing services for the community. In 1952 the dream was realized with the opening of the Mount Vernon Terrace, an 82 unit affordable housing complex for families in Waynesboro. Since that time the Housing Authority has grown to offer 758 affordable housing units to families, elderly and disabled persons in Franklin County. In all, 1630 people are living in safe and affordable housing supported by FCHA.

FCHA does more than provide housing. We have teamed up with local social service agencies, fire and police departments, Borough recreation departments and others to create a community for our residents. The Boys and Girls Club is open daily in the Meadow Creek Community Center. Resident Councils are active, providing opportunities for families to participate in community activities and resolve program issues.

FCHA strives to provide warm, clean, attractive housing to all tenants and section 8 voucher recipients. We strive to provide a welcoming community. Although we are proud of our accomplishments, we continually look for ways to improve housing and service opportunities. When we ask ourselves what may be in our future we know that FCHA will jump on opportunities that come our way.


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