Welcome to the Franklin County Housing Authority

Our Mission:

Providing Homes That Build Hope and Create Neighborhoods


Our Vision:

People Thriving in Vibrant Communities


Our Slogan:

Your Home, Our Foundation


Our Values:


  • Providing a positive experience every time
  • Providing accurate and timely responses
  • Treating everyone with professionalism and respect
  • Working collaboratively


  • Doing what is right legally and ethically
  • Acting with honesty, fairness and trustworthiness
  • Honoring commitments


  • Taking ownership for our actions
  • Embracing quality and continuous improvement
  • Embracing our values by representing them in a clear and  obvious way


  • Fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and trust
  • Providing open and caring communication
  • Sharing knowledge and resources
  • Taking initiative to seek creative solutions