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FCHA has an On-Line Application Annex located in the lobby of the Chambersburg and Waynesboro Office. Effective April 1, 2013, all applications must be submitted through our on-line process center.

Applications for Public and Tax Credit Housing can be found on-line at our On-Line Application Annex located in the lobby at 436 West Washington Street, Chambersburg, PA, and 202 Elder Ave. Waynesboro, PA.

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Local Preferences

Our Housing Authority has also established several local preferences, which affect an applicant´┐Żs position on our Waiting List. To qualify for a preference, one of the following must apply:

First Preference - Victims of Domestic Violence
The Franklin County Housing Authority will offer a local preference to families that have been subjected to or victimized by a member of the family or household within the past 6 months. The Franklin County Housing Authority will require evidence that the family has been displaced as a result of fleeing violence in the home. Families are also eligible for this preference if there is proof that the family is currently living in a situation where they are being subjected to or victimized by violence in the home.  To qualify for this preference, the abuser must still reside in the unit from which the victim was displaced.  

Second Preference - Homeless Preference
Persons who are homeless: defined as lacking a fixed, regular, adequate nighttime residence, and have a primary nighttime residence that is supervised by a public or private shelter. Homeless family does not include any individual imprisoned or detained pursuant to State Law or an Act of Congress.

Homeless families may maintain their place on the waiting list while completing a transitional housing program.

Third Preference - Working Preference
Familes where the head or spouse currently reside in Franklin County (or have been working in Franklin County) and have been employed for 12 consecutive months, unless they can verify temporary leave of absence due to illness, injury, etc.  This preference also applies to families where the head or spouse is actively attending an accredited college as a full-time student (online classes are not acceptable) designed to prepare the individual for the job market.  This preference is automatically extended to households where the head or spouse is 62 years of age or older, or is a person with disabilities.

Graduates of transitional housing programs for homeless/substance abusers/victims of domestic abuse also qualify for this preference.

After applications are received and reviewed, eligible applicants are placed on our Section 8 Waiting List by date and time of application.  There can be a lengthy wait at times for assistance.